The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services requires that all individuals, regardless of their profession obtain a visa when they want to come to the United States to work. This also applies to international actors, models, musicians, singers, and athletes. When individuals in these professions wish to come work in the United States, they will have to apply for an O visa. The O visa is granted to individuals who have an “extraordinary ability,” which they are required to prove to the USCIS in order to have the visa granted.

There are two types of O visas that an individual can apply for based on the industry that they work in. Individuals who have an extraordinary ability in athletics, business, education, or science will have to apply for an O-1 A visa, which requires individuals to meet at least three of the following criteria. The applicant must have:

  • won a major award for excellence
  • membership of an association that requires members to have an outstanding achievement
  • articles written about them in a major publication
  • made a major, original contribution that is significant to the field of work
  • written a scholarly article
  • judged others in the same field
  • a critical role in a distinguished organization
  • receive a high salary for the field of work

The other type of visa is an O-1B visa, which is for individuals with an extraordinary ability in the arts. These individuals must meet three of the following criteria:

  • Leads a role in a distinguished event
  • Has articles written about them in a major publication or media
  • Has a critical role in an organization
  • Has a record of success
  • Has received a high salary for the field of work
  • Has received recognition from other experts in the field of work

The spouses or children of O visa applicants will be required to submit an O-3 visa application if they wish to join their loved one in the United States. If you have questions about O-visas, contact our firm today.

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