Immigration Attorney Reviews

Amazing Person

"Neal is not just an awesome attorney, he is also an amazing person who is passionate about his practice. He is extremely knowledgeable and is truly an expert. Neal did my entire family. We had an exceptional situation of my daughter being taken here when she was 6 years old. Neal was able to get her legalized without her going through the DACA program now she is 6 a few months from her naturalization ceremony.  He is like family for taking care of my family and keeping us together. Overall, I recommend him to everyone looking for a dedicated immigration attorney who will give them results." - Ingrid M.

Made a Big Difference

"Neal Datta is a really great lawyer. He not only cares about his clients such as me, but he's shown me real family vibes. His team treats me just like family, always, and they keep me updated while always working hard and smart. I would like to say he's my hero. He's the one that made a big difference in me being a citizen in this great country. I would and will recommend him to anyone who needs a strait lace, hardworking, know how to get things done kinda lawyer, not only him, But his entire TEAM. Thanks again my friend for your help." - Gary P.

Truly Grateful

"Neal helped me get my green card and USA passport. I would recommend him to EVERYBODY who need a great immigration lawyer and his team did my taxes super successfully for almost for a decade… The best lawyers in Manhattan ready to listen and treat you like a human being. THANK YOU, NEAL, truly grateful, and if I ever move back to USA – I am coming back to your team for legal matters!" - Bianca M.

The Best

"Neal, is the best!!! They have helped my husband and I throughout the last two years as nobody else could have had. After going all over New York looking for an honest attorney, we ended up with Neal through a friend's recommendation and we have not been disappointed . They have done more than what we expected and are always looking for new and better ways to help us. They are very professional and very easy to get along with." - Maite R.

Very Pleased

"I had just filed for my green card back in May with Neal and I got my green card within four months with no problems at all. I am very pleased with the services that they had provided me with. Neal was very professional and he addressed all of my concerns and gave me peace of mind. I would recommend their services to anyone in need of a great lawyer." - Mekasha N.

A Winner

"Neal is a good immigration lawyer. He won my case. He is a winner! great personality and is well known by all the immigration judges. surprised by his reputation over there" - Marlon H.

Always There to Help

"I highly recommend Mr. Datta. When I met him, I was working at a French restaurant and we began to chat because he noticed my French accent. I described my immigration situation to him and it turned out that he actually knew all the officers at the immigration office who had my case. He told me it sounded like my case was in danger of denial, which I was unaware of that at the time. But he was right, and my case was denied. I then hired Neal, who helped me reapply for my residency, which was then approved. I dealt with a lot of stress through that time and Neal was very reassuring. Thanks to him, I won my residency and after that he helped me win my U.S. citizenship. Now I am a US citizen! I have continued to use Neal to advise me on other legal issues, including when I needed his advice when I opened my own restaurant. He is the kind of person who is always there to help, and I have referred many of my friends to him over the years." - Bruno S.

Very Personal and Professional

"Great Lawyer and very personal and professional. I got my green card using his services and he took the time to explain the process and he went above and beyond his role as a lawyer to make sure I got my documentation on time to travel to Europe. I strongly recommend him and the best part is that he spoke spanish perfectly and his staff too that made the whole process even better." - Vicente N.

Went Above and Beyond

"Very committed lawyer!! Neal is not only a great lawyer but passionate of his work. My father was hospitalized and I needed a travel permit. It was a stressful situation and time sensitive. Neal immediately took my case and went with me to the immigration office. He not only helped me with the paperwork, he was there to explain the case and make sure that I got the permit so I could travel to visit my dad. He really went above and beyond his duty to ensure the permit was granted. I highly recommend Neal for your immigration needs." - S.C.

Really Listens and Cares

"Amazing lawyer who really listens and cares! All the staff was super friendly and always ready to answer all my questions. Neal helped my family deal with an extremely stressful situation with immigration. I strongly recommend this lawyer." - Andrea V.

Great Experience

"I had a great experience with Neal – he helped me apply for an Adjustment of Status. Everything went through so smoothly and my case was approved! Throughout the process, he was very professional and welcoming and was always able to answer any questions I had. He gave my husband and I excellent advice and I can't recommend him highly enough!" - Jo B.

Pure Love to a Human Life

"The Law Office of Mr. Neal R. Datta has accommodated my financial limitations in an effort to save my life from being made again homeless by NYC HRA under the administration of Mayor Michael Bloomberg. I have an army of friends who I have sent to the Office of Mr. Datta with Immigration problems even more complicated than mine. The only explanation I have to the elegant compassion we have received as Gay HIV Artists of the World's Artist Communities by the Graceful mercy of Mr. Neal R. Datta in favor of our human rights is pure love to a human life" Today, I remain alive and legally able to work in the U.S . Because Mr. Datta has a Gift that I believe should be sometime in the future considered to be serving the City of New York in Public Office as PUBLIC ADVOCATE to the City of New York." - Roberto B.

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