The O visa is for individuals that have a job offer or work in professions that require the use of an agent to arrange their employment opportunities. These individuals may include actors, models or musicians and singers. This visa can be considered to be for employment purposes in the United States for these individuals with “extraordinary ability.” With this ability, it may prove how valuable they are in their field, giving them the qualifications to apply for the job. However, it can be difficult to prove how extraordinary their abilities are. Since this is not something set in stone or easily identifiable, they may need to show evidence of achievements, success and recognition to satisfy this qualification.

O-1A visa

The O-1A visa falls under the category of an O visa. This visa is usually given to people with extraordinary ability in the fields of athletics, business, education or science. If you have won a major award, this can qualify you for this type of visa. You may also be able to meet three out of the five following criteria to be considered for this visa. These criteria can include winning an award for excellence, being a member of an association that requires outstanding achievement, having articles written about you in major media, having acted as a judge to others in that field, having made an original contribution of significance to the field, having written a scholarly article, being a critical role in a distinguished organization or receiving a high salary for your field.

O-1B visa

The O-1B visa is for those who are an alien of extraordinary ability in the field of the arts. If you are granted this visa, you and your staff can be eligible to enter the U.S. When you come to the U.S. with this visa, your dependents may be eligible to come as well. However, they are not eligible to work in the country while they are here. You may eligible for this visa if you have won a major award, such as a Nobel Peace Prize or an Emmy.  You can also qualify if you meet three of the six following criteria. This can include a lead role in a distinguished event, having articles written about you, a critical role in a distinguished organization, a record of major critical or commercial success, having received recognition from experts in the field or having received a high salary for your field.

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