Artist and Athlete Immigration Attorney in NYC

If you are an entertainer, artist, or athlete and wish to come to the United States to showcase your talent, it is important to discuss your situation with an artist immigration attorney. The Law Office of Neal Richardson Datta is an experienced law firm with a significant history of success with talented individuals that are eligible for a visa based on their field. Some visas that may apply include:

Celebrity clients

Our firm has worked with numerous artists and entertainers over the years. Our firm has been employed to help musicians, artists, entertainment groups, cultural talents, and athletes share their abilities with theĀ U.S. Some of our most famous clients include Jimmy Cliff, Shaggy, Dexter Simmons, D.E.X, The Wailers and more. To see our work with entertainers, please visit our celebrity client page.

Contact The Law Office of Neal Richardson Datta

Being allowed to work in the United States comes with some great benefits. Unfortunately, many people that try and take on the task of filing for a visa alone find the process confusing, jeopardizing their ability to share their great talents with our country. If you need representation while you pursue your goal of performing in the United States, contact The Law Office of Neal Richardson Datta for a consultation to discuss your situation with an experienced artist immigration attorney.

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