I-751 Petition Attorney in New York City

Some people’s ability to stay in the United States can be impacted by conditions on their residence. For a number of reasons, it may be important to remove this condition by filing an I-751 petition. For those who have received conditional permanent residency through marriage, this petition is quite important. In order to protect yourself from the possibility of deportation, contact The Law Office of Neal Richardson Datta. Our firm has decades of experience helping clients through all family immigration matters. We are dedicated and effective legal professionals. Contact The Law Office of Neal Richardson Datta to discuss your legal matter and explore your options.

What is an I-751 petition?

If you were married to a U.S. citizen and face removal or deportation because of the conditions on your license and a problem with the marriage, you may need to file a I-751 petition to remove those conditions. This is even more important for applicants that have children who are also vulnerable to deportation.

Eligibility to file an I-751

If you are still married to a U.S. citizen, you may file jointly with your spouse and must do so within the 90-day period before the conditional residency expires. You may also be entitled to file an I-751 without your spouse if you entered into a marriage in good faith, but your spouse died, your marriage was terminated or annulled, you or your child was abused, the removal from the United States would result in extreme hardship. You must do this before two years when you will automatically lose your permanent status unless your failure was of no fault of your own and you can convince the USCIS by writing.

Evidence of a bona fide marriage

In some cases, a petitioner may need to provide supporting evidence to the USCIS, including birth certificates of dependents, joint financial statements, and letters from various relationships, including employers, family, and friends. If the USCIS need further assurance that the marriage was in good faith and no fraudulent, a follow-up interview may be requested.

After an I-751 petition is approved

After your petition is approved and your condition removed, you have the right to apply for citizenship. Also known as naturalization, becoming a citizen is a whole process in itself, but the benefits are numerous, including the ability to vote, hold federal positions, and bring family members to the United States as immigrants.

Contact an experienced New York City immigration attorney

If you have a condition on your residence and need an attorney to help you remove it, contact The Law Office of Neal Richardson Datta. Our firm is dedicated to protecting the immigration status of our clients, providing effective and timely legal services to clients in and around New York City. If you need to discuss your situation with our firm, contact The Law Office of Neal Richardson Datta.

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