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If you wish to enter the United States as a temporary worker, you will need to acquire a visa in order to do so. A temporary work visa allows a person to take employment in the country for a limited period of time and for a limited capacity. The scope of a temporary work visa can vary. While some allow a worker to be employed by any business, others limit the applicant to one employer, company, or enterprise. Each visa comes with certain requirements that must be met. For most, one’s prospective employer will need to file a petition with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services on the applicant’s behalf. If the petition is approved, the applicant should be able to one of many visas available. Regardless of whether you are an employer or employee, you need quality legal support from an experienced immigration attorney. Our firm has over 2 decades of experience helping clients through all immigration matters, including temporary work visas. If you need our help contact The Law Office of Neal Richardson Datta for a consultation to discuss your matter.

Temporary work visa options

There are numerous visas available. Each visa is provided for a certain skill or occupation. Below is a small sampling of available temporary visas.

  • I-1: Foreign media
  • L: Intracompany transferees for executive, managerial positions, or individuals with specialized knowledge.
  • O: Persons with extraordinary ability or achievements in certain fields, including the arts and science
  • P-1: athletes and entertainers to perform
  • P-2: Artists and entertainers that perform as part of an exchange program
  • P-3: Artist or entertainers that come to teach or educate under a cultural program
  • Q-1: Participation in an international cultural exchange program

It is important to discuss your options with an attorney if you are an individual who wishes to enter the United States on a temporary work visa.

Labor certification

In some of these cases, the Department of Labor must first supply a labor certification to approve the application before the petition is filed for a nonimmigrant worker. Generally speaking, a labor certification attests to the fact that the worker is needed, that U.S. workers were not available to fill the position, and what would be the hiring’s effects on U.S. workers’ wages and conditions. Not all temporary work visas need a labor certification and speaking with an attorney is important.

Filing a petition and applying for a visa

An employer will petition for an employee with a Form I-129. The employer should receive a Notice of Action by the USCIS. Filing for a temporary work visa can be document-heavy and time-consuming. There are quite a few steps and the order to follow depends greatly on the specific embassy and consulate of the applicant. Generally, you will be subject to an interview where a consular officer determines your qualifications and eligibility. You may need to support your claim with certain documentation. With so much at stake, it is best to have an attorney guide you through each specific application process.

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The Law Office of Neal Richardson Datta provides effective legal support to clients who wish to visit the United States on a temporary work visa. Our firm has helped countless individuals, including artists, athletes, and other people with extraordinary ability throughout our 2 decades of experience. If you need to discuss your legal matter, contact The Law Office of Neal Richardson Datta for a consultation.

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