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One of the pleasures of our firm is the chance to guide clients on their path towards citizenship. Our firm recognizes the significance of naturalization. Becoming a true citizen of the United States comes with many benefits, including being able to bring loved ones to live and work in the United States. Though the process is arduous, The Law Office of Neal Richardson Datta is ready to guide you as you work to achieve your life goals. For a consultation with our firm to discuss your immigration status and the path ahead, contact The Law Office of Neal Richardson Datta today.

Requirements for citizenship

A person who wishes to become a citizen of the United States will need to satisfy certain requirements. For one, they must have lived in the United States for a certain period of time, called a continuous residence. For those with a permanent residence status, the person must have lived in the country for the past 5 years. For those who have lived as the spouse of a U.S. citizen must have lived here for 3 years. For military members who are lawful permanent residents, the residency requirement is also 3 years. The applicant must show a physical presence in the U.S. for 30 months within the 5 years or 18 months for those with a continuous residence requirement of 3 years. In addition, an applicant must demonstrate good moral character and, provide knowledge of the English language (with some exceptions), U.S. history, government. Lastly, an applicant will need to establish a loyalty to the United States.

The general process

If you wish to become a citizen of the United States and meet the requirements, you will need to file a form N-400, the application for naturalization. Once you complete your application, you will need to collect the necessary documents and send them, with the application fees to the USCIS.  If this is successful, you should receive an appointment to collect biometrics. After that comes the interview where you will answer questions about your application and background, take the English and civics test and receive a case status.

The ceremony

The finale of the whole process is the ceremony. Once your ceremony date arrives, you will check in, return your Green Card, answer some questions about the time since your interview, take the Oath of Allegiance, and receive your Certification of Naturalization.

After becoming a citizen

Now that you are a citizen, you can update your status with the social security administration by presenting your Certification of Naturalization and apply for a U.S. passport, the highest caliber of evidence to prove your citizenship.  As a citizen you can also vote, bring certain family members over to also become citizens, hold government positions, and more.

Contact The Law Office of Neal Richardson Datta

If you are interested in becoming a citizen, the path forward deserves the attention of an experienced immigration attorney to protect your rights and interests. It is important to follow every step and direction in order to avoid a denial or delay. Contact The Law Office of Neal Richardson Datta to discuss your legal matter with a professional.

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