The United State Citizenship and Immigration Service announced that filing fees for most immigration applications will be going up on December 23, 2016. That means if you are eligible to file for a benefit, now is the time to do it. Several of the fees are going up more than $100 and filing after December 23, 2016, will cost substantially more that applying before.

For example, if you are now eligible to file for naturalization, filing after December 23, 2016, will cost an additional $45. Also, filing for adjustment of status will cost an additional $85; filing an immigrant visa petition for a family member will cost an additional $115; and filing an application for a certificate of citizenship will increase $570 (the total filing fee will now be $1,170)!

If you are eligible for naturalization or need to file for residency, or if you would like to file a petition for your family member then take advantage of the prices now in effect. USCIS last updated their fees in November 2010 and is almost entirely funded by application and petition fees. As they say: act now, or cry later.

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