Immigration services try their best to prevent anyone from entering the country under false pretenses. When immigrants apply for visas and try to gain access to reside in the country, they often have to go through in-depth background checks and other ways to prove that they are cleared to live in the United States. Each step during the process is to approve the individual to make sure they are fit to live in the country and do not provide a risk to the safety and well-being of others. Fiance visas provide the opportunity for a soon-to-be spouse to enter the country based on their significant other’s status as a permanent resident. Since they are able to live in the country, it may provide an opportunity for some people to enter the country under false pretenses. However, there are many steps that these individuals must go through to obtain this visa. They must complete and pass each step to be granted a visa for the fiance.

What steps are required?

When applying for a fiance visa, there are many steps that need to be completed by the couple. Each individual will have a background check done to ensure they do not have a criminal record. This will monitor their fingerprints and their names in the system. The authorities have the right to ask for any additional information that they may need for each case. In addition to the background check, the individuals will have to provide proof of their relationship. They must be able to establish that they have known each other within two years of prior to filing for the visa. Proof of this can be in the form of photographs of the two, correspondence between them, financial support of one another and much more. Other requests that may be made can include an income evaluation to show that the petitioner’s income meets or exceeds 100% of the U.S. poverty guidelines to be able to support the two individuals.

When is the process over?

When the couple gets access to the visa, the couple must wed within a certain period of time. If they fail to do so, the non-citizen must leave the U.S. They will be no longer eligible for the fiance visa since they failed to marry within the required amount of days. Even after the petition gets approved, it does not mean that the visa will be given to the individual though. The fiance will then have to go through a medical examination to ensure that they are in good health. An interview will be done to assess their situation. The time for this whole process can vary depending on each case.

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