The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services agency recently made an announcement regarding grants for those who are preparing to go through the naturalization process. The USCIS has begun accepting applications from those who wish to benefit from the Citizenship and Assimilation Grant Program. This program has provided $73 million in grants since 2009. This year, the program will provide up to $10 million in funding for organizations throughout the country that aim to assist immigrants in becoming citizens.

There are two grant opportunities available this year. The first grant is Citizenship Instruction and Naturalization Application Services, which will provide funding for a maximum of 36 organizations. These organizations are those that offer lawful permanent residents guidance on citizenship and the process of naturalization that one must go through to obtain citizenship. It is important to note that all applications for this grant opportunity are due by August 8, 2018.

The other grant opportunity is The Refugee and Asylee Assimilation Program. This grant, while only providing funding for up to four organizations, aims to assist lawful permanent residents who came to the United States as refugees or asylees. These organizations will help these individuals obtain the knowledge necessary to obtain citizenship. In addition, participants in the program will be able to take part in a long-term assimilation process. All applications for this program must be submitted no later than August 15, 2018.

The organizations that are chosen to receive this funding will be notified of their award in September. If your organization may benefit from one of these grants, speak with an experienced immigration attorney to determine your eligibility.

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