When individuals who are not citizens of the United States wish to come to this country to work, they have a few options. Of course, it is essential that this is done in a lawful manner. An experienced immigration attorney can be of great assistance. There are several types of temporary visas.

One of the most common visas is the H-1B visa. This allows people to work in jobs that are considered “skilled” on a temporary basis. The USCIS only accepts a certain number of H-1B visa employees each fiscal year. This is also true for H-2B visa applications. H-2B visas are for “unskilled” temporary workers. The L-1 visa exists for individuals who are coming to work for a very specific temporary position, such as a managerial or executive role. These are just a few types of visas that are available for nonimmigrant workers.

It is important to note that these are all temporary. That being said, workers are able to extend their stay in the United States more than once, usually. However, once they have reached the maximum number of extensions, they will not be able to extend their visa anymore.

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