Learning that a loved one is at risk of being deported or removed from the United States is of course, quite concerning. When this happens, the family members may wish to seek legal counsel with an experienced immigration attorney that can work to find defenses that may put a stop to the removal proceedings. Typically, people who do not have lawful status or commit a crime are the ones who find themselves facing removal or deportation proceedings. Some of the major reasons that an individual may be deported include unlawful presence in the United States, marriage fraud, fraudulent immigration documents, and criminal arrests or convictions. When an individual commits a crime, they are violating the need to be of good moral character. Crimes of moral turpitude can include homicide, rape, fraud, robbery, theft, assault, and drug crimes.

Extreme Hardship Waiver Services

One of the ways that an immigration attorney may be able to prevent an individual from being deported or removed from the United States is by applying for an extreme hardship waiver. One must be able to prove that their family would face extreme hardship if their loved one was removed from the country. Some of the examples of extreme hardship include the following:

  • A parent or spouse has a sick family member that requires the individual to care for them
  • Another family member is sick and is cared for by a parent or spouse of the individual and needs the financial support to continue caring for them
  • A parent or spouse depends on the individual financially
  • A parent or spouse of the individual at risk of being deported cannot pay their financial debts without their assistance

If you or a loved one is at risk of being removed or deported from the United States, it is important to consult with an experienced immigration attorney that can look for defenses on your behalf. Contact our firm today for strong legal representation when it matters most.

The Law Office of Neal Richardson Datta has over 25 years of experience guiding clients through a variety of immigration legal matters, some of which include deportation defense, petitions, and waivers. If you require the services of an experienced immigration attorney with the skill to effectively represent you, contact our firm today to schedule a consultation.

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